“Whether you’re a seasoned IM’r or a complete online newbie wanting to earn money from home, you are about to learn how to unlock a mountain of hidden traffic that could be putting bucket loads of cash into your bank”

HIDDEN traffic that’s being held back by a clumsy app that youtube launched in 2008 which until recently (2nd May 2017) meant that approx. 60% of all video viewers couldn’t see your website links or click on them.

This means that 60% of your video marketing efforts in the past have been wasted.


While you and everyone else was being distracted by the latest video trends and creation tools, 60% of your time and money went down the toilet.

What was happening?

Kev Webster

Author, Kev Webster

You’re probably wondering how a ‘behind the scenes’ VSL copywriter that hangs out on fiverr – discovered this huge traffic loophole in youtube? Let me explain… 5 Years ago, I started to build what I then called, Video Real Estate. I built a dozen channels around trending topics and added hundreds of Creative Commons License videos. One of the channels with over 2000 subscribers that started paying me a wage each month…. suddenly dried up. Monetization went from 100% a month to 20% and then to ZERO. The weird thing was, this was an old channel that I rarely touched.

After days searching and analyzing the data, what I discovered next was massive, traffic was moving from desktop to mobile at an alarming rate and the old ‘annotations’ that linked to my affiliate links and offers were being blocked from mobile devices.

My findings were soon confirmed by youtube in a statement released on their own platform.

Not only that, annotations were being closed at a staggering rate by viewers on desktops too.

Enter Endscreens – YouTube’s answer to a changing audience that’s predicted to reach 80% mobile viewing this decade.


Be Warned! if you have the old annotations set up on youtube videos to drive traffic to your affiliate links or website – you are losing boatloads of money because:

1. They cannot be seen by over 60% of your video viewers

2. They are 12x more likely to be closed by desktop viewers than end-screens

3. They cannot be edited and will be instantly deleted if you try

These three facts alone are reason enough to drop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and grab this course.


If you want more proof… pay very close attention to what I’m about to share.

These are actual screenshots with dates from my channels to prove what’s happening.

Youtube analytics showing you how the old annotation clicks compare to end-screen clicks.

The difference is mind-blowing!

These are from a variety of niches – but the results are always the same.

The great news is, Since I discovered this loophole and added end-screens to my videos to replace the defunct annotations – my click through rate has exploded.

Can you think of an easier way of getting clicks to your offers?
Basically, all you need to do is swap annotations for the new end-screens and hey presto – a flood of traffic that’s already pre-qualified themselves as interested in what you have to offer – comes pouring in.

Right now, Youtube estimates the number of visitors who cannot see annotations but can see and click on end-screens as 18 million …. per day!

Why would anyone want to miss out on this opportunity???

If you ignore this and go back to making clever videos with all the latest whistles and bells!

You only have yourself to blame

Right now, end-screens are the easiest way to drive hundreds of clicks to your offers and websites with minimal time and effort.

Want more proof?

Look what happened when I added endscreens to drive traffic to an affiliate offer early Feb 2017 – over 500 Euros in commissions from FREE traffic!

In my course, Endscreen Professor, you will learn everything you need to know in bite sized videos – even if you are a complete newbie to video marketing.

Not only that, I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you and created a dozen professional endscreen mp4 videos for you to bolt onto the end of your own videos – it’s that simple.

The best part about this method is – it only takes a few minutes to set up.

This is a service you can easily sell to your online and offline clients for top dollar. 

To make sure you can cover all niches, the 12 MP4’s supplied with the course includes both Male and Female voice overs – in British and American accents.

I recently added endscreens to 24 videos in less than 2 hours and charged the client $450 for the privilege.

Imagine how much you can charge others for this service.

Remember, there’s no fancy software needed. What you are about to learn involves no extra costs.

I’m also going to share with my favourite free graphic site that has everything set up and ready to create stunning thumbnails and call to action buttons to make your Endscreens pop.

Two of the videos in the training you’re about to access is dedicated to creating these amazing graphics for free.

You could even apply what you learn about creating thumbnails and buttons and post it as a gig on fiverr to rake in some extra cash.

Listen, You are about to learn how to unlock a flood of traffic that’s blocked from seeing your offers.

Without end-screens properly set up on your videos you are losing 60% of your clicks

This course will teach you how to set up end-screens properly in the quickest possible time and reveal shortcuts that enable you to do everything in less than 2 minutes.

We all know how powerful videos are for driving traffic – so this is a no-brainer.

Why would anyone serious about making money online block 60% of their traffic?

I’ll also teach you how to literally force your viewers to click on your links by cleverly manipulating the end-screen button timings.

But wait! There’s even more…

I’m also giving you my proprietary video link-wheel method to double your youtube SEO rankings. Everything is covered down to the smallest detail in this 20 minute ‘over my shoulder’ training video.

What are you waiting for? 60% of your efforts will go unrewarded if you continue as you are. Is that really what you want?

Again: Here’s what you’re about to get access to:

Over my shoulder Video Training

9 Short and simple step by step easy to follow video tutorials that cover everything you need to know to totally dominate YouTube Endscreens.

Nothing is left out – whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a complete newbie, there’s a goldmine of info here that would take you days to research and learn.

12 done for you MP4 animated Endscreens with the professional US and UK male and female voice overs.

I’ve made this very easy for you. Watch/Listen to the videos on the dedicated download page and then click on the one you like to download it to your pc/mac.

Full instructions on how to properly set up your channel and associated website to guarantee all your traffic can find you and click on your links.

I also reveal some simple affiliate link cloaking tricks to drive all this extra traffic to your money making offers.

‘How to’ instructions and free resources to create stunning YouTube graphics in minutes. PLUS… I’m giving you the exact template overlay I use to create End-screens animations.

Over my shoulder ‘Video Link-Wheel’ bonus video to ramp up your click through rate and double your video SEO.

What are you waiting for?

The big question is, can you put a price on missing out on all that extra traffic that’s stuck in the YouTube bottleneck right now? If you take no action – you will never know the answer. Alternatively, if you take action and invest a small amount of time and only implement a fraction of the tips and tricks that I’m giving you access to – you will open up a floodgate of traffic.